Whisper In The Dark Book1

The McKinnon American Men follows modern day warriors Robert, Mason, Chase, and Josh McKinnon in their challenges with women, treasure, and family. Whisper in the Dark tells Robert’s story and leads you on a treasure hunt of a lifetime.

Founder of a successful security company, Robert McKinnon takes his job seriously. After finding his best friend Kyle dead on the Golden Circle Ranch, Robert vows to investigate Kyle’s suspicious death and to protect Kyle’s younger sister Katherine.

Giving Robert an unexpected shock to his system, seeing Katherine after fifteen years proves she is no longer the stubborn, determined girl her remembers, but she is now a headstrong woman with nothing to lose.

Setting foot on Texas soil after being away for fifteen years forces Katherine to confront her past and make decisions for her future. On the one hand, Robert is her gallant knight, slaying both her financial and human dragons, yet can she trust him with all her secrets? Can the two work together to find the treasure Kyle died while trying to find, or will they call it quits when it gets tough? Can she come home again and make a fresh start?
Read on and find out as the journey begins for The McKinnon American Men.

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