The Missing One Book Five Parts 1 & 2

Gamble: To do something that involves risk that might result in failure. For Decklyn McKinnon failure is not an option.

Decklyn McKinnon, intergalactic cop and strong-arm of the Interstellar Alliance, has been missing from the McKinnon family records since his untimely disappearance in 1523. No one has a clue what could have happened to him leaving the family record silent. Chasing after a serial killer through time and space, Decklyn takes on the biggest gamble of his life. Unsure of his time traveling abilities, he doubts that he can save all of the victims, but it’s possible he can save victim number six. Risking it all to save the life of just one woman, he journeys back to Earth 2005.

Sliding off the conference table, Special Agent A’leeza Vargas moves closer to look at the board covered with five separate crime scene photos. There has to be something she is missing. She can just feel it. It hangs just out of reach. “Come on, come on, talk to me. Tell me your secrets. Help me avenge your deaths,” she begs the photos under her breath. Crossing her arms over her chest, Alee turns to her partner, Carl Rogers, “They say dead men don’t tell tales. They do, you know. You just have to know how to listen.”
Will history repeat itself? Find out in the final installment of The McKinnon Legends.

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