The McKinnon Legends Books One and Two Parts 1 & 2

“You think you are in control of your life?” Fate asks as she looks down upon this earth. “If so, I advise you to think again…”

No matter one’s station in life, Fate mocks us all. None are exempt—a lesson two of King Henry’s favorite knights are about to learn… the hard way.

Book 1: The McKinnon The Beginning Parts 1 & 2

It is the year of our Lord 1493, and King Henry VII has been seated on the English throne for eight years. He did not get there by chance alone. Nor has he stayed there with ease. He has his favorites, generously rewarding those who serve him well. Sir Nic McKinnon is at the top of that list.

For his faithful devotion, Nic finds himself graciously rewarded. That reward is the hand in marriage to Morgan Pembridge—seventh Duchess of Seabridge. The only issue is Nic isn’t interested in the bounty, and taking a wife is certainly not in his plans. However, he understands that seeming ungrateful to Henry for his gift or disobeying a king’s command is never wise. Nic reluctantly agrees to marry, but living with his duchess was not one of Henry’s stipulations.

The stage is set for the battle to secure Morgan’s birthright: the lavishly appointed Seabridge Castle. Currently, the prosperous dukedom is in the hands of the lecherous Lord Brentwood who seized control after Morgan’s family was killed in a fatal fire.

Nic must fight to regain what Brentwood never had the right to possess. Will he succeed? Or will true evil prevail? There can be only one victor.

Book 2: Unfinished Business Parts 1 & 2

Connor Holden, Earl of Featherstone has it all: looks, money, power. He’s a man with a lot to lose.

Pride goes before a fall. We all know that to be a universal truth… And Connor is about to find out exactly how far from grace that fall will take him.

Connor is back in the service of his king and knows, in taking on this mission, he could lose his life. Will he be able to survive? The odds are against him. If he does survive, how can he find his way back to the one love of his life?

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