Shades Of Grace Book Three Parts 1 & 2

Denial: refusal to believe or accept something as truth. The undeniable truth? Cullen McKinnon can never return to 1494.

Cullen was born in 1470 a wealthy man in his own right. He is a handsome, young knight of the highest order known for his valor, and in love with the beautiful Morgan, Duchess of Seabridge. However, he has one major problem… None of that matters in the twentieth century. He pushed through the denial years ago just as certainly as he pushed through the veil of time.

Cullen has accepted that he can never return to 1494. And that truth has him clinging to any piece of his past that he can dig up. The McKinnon family records are almost complete with the exception of his long-lost nephew, Decklyn McKinnon.

When he contracts with Amazing Grace Genealogy Services to locate any record of Decklyn, suspicion rises the longer he works with the company’s representative, Gray Martin. Something about Gray just doesn’t feel right and piques his interest. Why can he not let the misgivings go?

Grace is running for her life. The same assassin that gunned down her father and husband on a crowded street in Manhattan also marked her  for death. Far from her penthouse apartment in New York, Grace is hiding in a shelter for homeless women where she has established thriving online business giving her the ability to hide behind the computer. To the online world, she is Gray Martin.

Excited to have the contract to research the family history of US Marshal Cullen McKinnon, Grace quickly discovers that the marshal has blown her cover exposing her to the assassin she has been running from for the past three years.

Can Cullen protect Grace from her past? No doubt, but is he willing to do whatever it takes to keep her alive? Cullen has decisions to make. To protect Grace in the present and give her a future, Cullen has to let go of his past. Nonetheless, he is not sure he can let the ghost of Morgan go.


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    Where can I find your books in book form

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