Point of No Return

We have all been there, and it’s a very dark feeling…

Having kept a low profile until forced to reveal his true identity, Phoenix homicide detective Slade Jericho is now out in the open.

In the second installment of the Vampires of Nirvana, Slade and Kristen find themselves on the radar of the Vampire High Council of  Violations and Judgments.

Inside that sphere of terror is a place that he and his Tribal Nation had hoped he would never have to step. He has no choice. The Council of Violations has Kristen leaving him no choice but to charge into the vampire’s domain.

Slade refuses to hide anymore, and for the the first time in a millennia, The Children of The Sun are fighting back with help coming from some very unusual shapeshifters to save the last of their kind.
Slade and Chase McKinnon go head-to-head with the second most powerful man in the vampire collective and his army of men set on evil. Flinging the doors of war wide-open, Chase and Slade are at the point of no return.
What no one counted on is the Queen.

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