Armed and Dangerous Book 2

Living life on the edge, Mason McKinnon is a widow maker by his own admission, and he likes it that way. But when it comes to a misson he’s all business with few who can match his world-class skill in personal security and hostiage re-acquisition.

“I cannot believe he walked away from that crash without so much as a scratch. There is some destiny yet to be fulfilled for Mason McKinnon. That is the only logical explanation as to why the man is still alive,” said a sports commentator during an interview on an amateur extreme sports show.

Mason ignores the show playing on the television in the background and instead chooses to focus on the mission file in front of him as he sits across from his brother Robert, CEO of McKinnon-Bride Personal Security. Mason has always lived life on the edge, pushing the envelope. That is nothing new, and he likes it that way. He knows he is dangerously reckless in his private life and gives new meaning to the term daredevil, openly calling himself a widow maker. He certainly does not need the press or Robert’s personal assistant, Barbara Allen, to point that out to him every chance they get.

However, when it comes to business Mason does not fool around, and when it comes to executing the plans of a mission there are few to match his skill set in the industry of personal security and hostage re-acquisition. The current mission requires the same level of precision as all the other past missions and then some. This time the life of ten-year-old Jesse McKinnon hangs in the balance, and his strike team is all that stands between her and certain death.

Barbara Allen goes about her life giving the casual observer the impression that she is mousy, introverted, and unsophisticated. Using this to her advantage, her preference is to melt into the background. Life in the fast lane is certainly not for her, and she has for years feared that the fast lane is where Mason will meet his demise. Choosing to keep her personal life very private, most people, including Mason, know very little about her background. Little do they know that appearances are deceiving, and they are in for the shock of their lives. They’ll never see it coming.
Can Barbara and Mason two put aside their differences and pull together as a team to save Jesse? If they can, then they stand to save more than just Jesse’s life. They will save each other.

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